The Soul of Football

The Soul of Football

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af Mark Chester - engelsk
Varenummer: 9781841016542

1. Cloning Jamie Carragher

2. Lionel Messi's mistakes

3. It's all Wayne Rooney's fault

... are just three of the issues Mark Chester reflects on in his new book The Soul of Football. An unusual book for us to be publishing you might think? You only have to listen to a match commentary or read game reports to know that football has a unique and widely accepted language quite unlike any other. Could that language be used to explore the deeper issues of life and faith and spark conversations with football fans across the UK and beyond?

In this book of two halves Mark delves into his footballing story of success and dreams of success, of the joys of winning and the sadness of one of the worst football stadium disasters in history at Hillsborough. This is a story of a long search for the soul of football, its true essence and its essential and emotional nature - a search he very nearly did not conclude.

In the second half, 'Soccer soul', he weaves together his football and faith experiences, using the language of football learnt so well over the years to begin to explore 15 key areas of the Christian faith. These are things like the value of team work, with each member being used in the position where their skills can contribute most to team success, and the importance of team forgiveness when things don't quite work out to the game plan.

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