Inside Fatherhood

Inside Fatherhood

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Today's fathers tell their stories - by Mark Chester and David Atkinson
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What does fatherhood look like in our complex world?
How clued in is the church to fathers today?

As Father's Day turns 80 in 2018, it's a good time for fathers to ask these questions; to reflect on their beliefs and values; to reconsider their understanding of this important role; and for the church to revisit its missional dialogue with men.

Highlighting the human-interest dispatches from the front line of modern fatherhood through case-study interviews and biblical reflection, this unique book is essential reading for fathers, mothers, the church and everyone interested in this vital topic.


  • Stepdad- Dom
  • Turnaround dad - Scott
  • Midlife dad - Darren
  • Reunited dad - Chris
  • Absent dad - Steve
  • Widowed dad - Neil
  • Adoptive dad - Graham
  • Losing-it dad - Paul
  • Stay-at-home dad - Dave
  • Searching dad - Richard
  • 80 dad tips
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